What Is DUI Conviction?

Zara Benjamin March 23, 2016Repairs & Solutions

Conviction is a term that usually refers to someone who is found to be guilty of certain charges that are levied against him or her. The same stands for DUI conviction which translates as driving under influence. District of Columbia and other states usually make it illegal to drive when one has consumed alcohol or other kinds of intoxicating substances.
State laws
When it comes to DUI the state laws differ. Some governments set a certain level of blood alcohol content which needs to be obeyed in order to prevent being convicted under DUI charges. If a person is caught to be driving with a BAC level above the permissible limit, he or she will be convicted as per state driving laws. Hence, even if one has been following gps tracking device they might still be convicted if they are stopped and asked to take the test.
Intoxication while driving
Many people often confuse DUI to be related to alcohol intake only. However, DUI is not limited to, alcohol intake only. One could be intoxicated by the intake of drugs and other chemical substances. The intoxication could happen with legal or illegal drugs. When the tests conducted and found positive, can lead to heavy charges being levied against such persons. Hence, when one is driving around with a gps tracking device in Sydney at night they need to be sure that they have not consumed any such substance due to which they might fail a drug test.
Convictions of different kinds
If one is found to be guilty with BAC being above permissible levels, they might face conviction as per state laws. Fines are levied for those who have done it as a first offense. Usually they are put on probation and their license is suspended. They are asked to make an appearance in court in order to pay a fine and clear their charge after which their driving license is reinstated. If one is found to be guilty of the same charge again, the consequent punishments are more serious.
Classification of convictions
The classification of convictions varies from state to state. Some states classify these crimes as misdemeanors while others upgrade these crimes as felonies. If one has had the same conviction for more than one instance, the charges are graver. It can not only make it difficult for one to get back their driving license in the state, but also make it difficult for one to get an insurance on their vehicle. It can even affect their employment state. For these reasons one needs to be especially careful when drinking and driving. They also need to seek legal assistance in order to get the charges reduced and be able to get their license reinstated after paying a minimal fine.

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