The Symbolic Representation Of Gifts And Their Meanings

Zara Benjamin June 10, 2016Business Services

You will find that people of the civilised society have this thing where they are asked to give gifts when they are going to a party or any kind of celebration. It is not just a quick short way like nowadays. In olden days, people were supposed to have this search where they search for the best present for the wife and the man. They did not mostly have been well of to pay for the insanely high prices of expensive gifts. Some people would create arts and that which they feel relevant to the husband and wife.

But mostly, only the people of the upper high society will grand wedding and birthday parties and extravagantly spend on those. It was like one side will be too full and other side will be never filled. Therefore when the rich have party they would probably receive verify rich gifts. But the poor people would be happy to get food on their festival days. When you are presenting someone with gifts, you should see that the gift is symbolic and have something in common with the person. If the person is really innocent and pure (this kind of people were said to be extinct), you can give them swans. Swans represent purity.

If you going to give them wedding bouquets Canberra, then it depends on the type of flower you have given with them. Each flower represents something. Red roses are wishing a life filled with love. Wild flowers are wishing them a crazy wild life they had till now like if they are a sports people or they are the adventurous couple. Similarly various flowers means various things. If you are going to give them, a pair of doves, you are symbolising that they should have peace in their life and spread it to others. If you are giving them a art piece, it depends on the style and technique and the painter, to decide and understand what you are telling.

There are set but simple cards that more meaning beautiful cards. The words means more to certain people but not everyone would want a card. But like the other things, these things will not be on display to remind them of you each time they see you. If you are one of those crazy bridesmaids or best friends, you guys can join and plan a trip more like a honeymoon for them. If not you guys can buy something like couple rings or something like an apt best friend would do. Like you are the best friend for a reason.

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